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The Best Time to Eat Local

By: Fresh City Farms

Despite the farming challenges of a dryer and hotter season, the summer was generous and our fall harvest has been bountiful! In fact, October is among the best months of the year to enjoy locally grown produce. From rainbow carrots to watermelon radish, and butternut squash to Ontario apples. But eating local isn’t only something we can do during the summer and fall months. Here at Fresh City, we think it’s possible to eat more local and organic food all year long!

Fresh City has been delivering local food to our members’ homes since 2011. In our first week we did six deliveries. Now we do over 1,500! It all began when Ran Goel quit his Wall Street Lawyer job and moved back to Toronto with a mission: to create a healthier food system that empowers all to make conscious food choices. That’s when he founded Fresh City! Fresh City connects makers and eaters, and delivers a food experience that respects our bodies, our planet and our shared tomorrow.

We farm in the city on six acres at Downsview Park, as well as in our year-round greenhouse. We also source many of our fruits and veggies from like-minded organic farmers in the Southern Ontario area. All of our products are sourced conscientiously (think fair trade, non-GMO, organic) from farmers and makers as close to home as possible.

We also aim to be as convenient as possible. We know that eating healthy, farm-fresh food isn’t always easy in today’s busy world where takeout options and conventional supermarkets abound. That’s why our Online Market has just as many local, organic produce and grocery options as your neighbourhood supermarket, and why we’ve added Recipe Bags and Lunch Jars to our offerings. Recipe Bags come with all the pre-portioned ingredients you need to make healthy, seasonal meals, which means less fuss and no waste. Our Lunch Jars are ready-to-eat organic salads carefully layered and vacuum-sealed in a jar for freshness. All you have to do is open the jar, pour the dressing in, give it a shake and eat! The best part is that everything is available at the click of a button, and delivered to your door.

Picking up your bag is also an option that’s more convenient for some, and helps save money too! We waive our delivery fee for all of our Pickup Hubs, and that includes our friends here at Peaches & Green!

Need we say more? If you’re interested in joining us and supporting a healthier food system, click here to sign up! Peaches & Green customers can take an extra $20 off their first order by using the code PEACHESGREEN at www.freshcityfarms.com


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