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Supercharge Your Workout

You’ve started a new fitness regime, you’re loving the results and you’re considering a supplement to supercharge your workout. Gone are the days when sport supplements were designed exclusively for professional athletes and body builders, but the aisles of protein powders, electrolyte drinks and other mysterious concoctions are confusing and intimidating for most of us amateur athletes. (They’re often full of artificial colours, sweeteners and fillers too!)

Whether your sweat session of choice is hot yoga, crossfit or gentle jogging, choosing a natural, clinically-proven supplement is a great way to boost your performance and recovery. Here’s our Peaches & Green guide to sport supplements:

Before/During Your Workout

Fueling your body before you are physically active can make a huge difference in your endurance, mental focus and overall ability to perform. Look for products that contain BBCAs (branch chain amino acids) and healthy sources of carbohydrates (from sprouted brown rice syrup – a clean, slow burning carb that won’t spike blood sugar). Other key ingredients like electrolytes to keep you hydrated and plants like rhodiola to improve physical and mental endurance are also helpful. We love activefuel+ by Genuine Health

After Your Workout

Protein powders are best used within 30 minutes of completing a workout because protein is critical for muscle recovery and repair. Look for one that contains stevia instead of artificial sweeteners – it’s all natural and has no impact on blood sugar. We love Progressive Harmonized Whey Protein (dairy based), and Iron Vegan (plant sourced and suitable for vegetarians and vegans).

Our secret weapon for being able to train harder and more frequently is combining a protein powder with a recovery sport supplement. A good recovery product will contain healthy carbs to re-energize and replenish lost glucose stores, glutamine to repair muscle cells and reduce inflammation and antioxidants to decrease muscle soreness and oxidative stress from your workout. We love activrecover+ by Genuine Health and Recovery Accelerator by Vega.

When shopping for any supplement, always read the label and avoid products with artificial flavours like sucralose, aspartame and FD&C Blue/Red.

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