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Our Top Picks for Women's Health

Ladies! We know the demands of life can be stressful, and stretch your resources. I see this everyday when I’m talking with customers about their health concerns.  Women are natural care givers, so we need to remember that taking care of ourselves is a must! When we do this, we can better care for our loved ones, nail that presentation, or just push that bit further at the gym. Read on for some of my tried and true picks for my lady friends.

Purica Complete 360 

Medicinal mushrooms are making waves in the allopathic and holistic fields alike. From strengthening your immune system, to helping your body adapt to stress, to providing antioxidant protection from cancer, medicinal mushrooms are possibly one of the most important foundational supplements you can find. I regularly liken this product to a very sophisticated multivitamin – a true insurance policy for your overall health.

Botanica Passionflower

Passionflower is a beautiful plant for women.  It is specifically helpful for stress, anxiety and sleep.  It is powerful enough to offer relief often within one or two doses, while being gentle and without side effects. Whether it’s for the anxiety of writing exams or making an important presentation, or for insomnia in menopause, Passionflower is my ‘go-to’ for women who need support quickly.

Platinum EasyIron

Most women are in need of iron supplementation at some stage in their life. Unfortunately, many iron supplements are upsetting for the digestive system, and very difficult to utilize. Easy Iron is a liquid within a capsule and supplies the mineral in an easily absorbed bisglycinate form. It is very gentle, and I regularly receive feedback from my customers that it has been the most effective at increasing ferritin levels.


Healthy glowing skin doesn’t come from an expensive topical moisturizer! Biosil stimulates the production of collagen throughout the body, making it an amazing supplement for building strong, healthy hair, skin, and nails. Collagen has become very trendy recently, and I love that this is a vegan option that is gentle on your tummy. An added bonus is that Biosil also help improve bone density, something all women would benefit from!

Genuine Health Women's Probiotic

I see so many women come in concerned about recurrent, chronic bladder or yeast infections.  There are many reasons for this, hormone changes, exposure to antibiotics, etc.  The symptoms are often low grade, and not always responsive to treatment. Enter relief! This probiotic is unique because it is specifically formulated with strains of friendly bacteria that are native to the vaginal and urinary tract, at a therapeutic dose. It can be used preventatively, during and post treatment to restore and re-balance our healthy flora.

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