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Fight Cold & Flu with Prevail by Purica

After years of research, “finally” a new clinically proven anti-viral and daily immune optimizer

By Dr. Harald Newball M.D. FACP, FCCP, FAAAAI*
*Harvard Medical School Trained Physician

A little known cold and flu formula has been used by the largest health authority in the world since the 1970’s. I’m pleased this herbal formula with its extensive clinical documentation is now available in an adult and children’s product under the name Prevail from Purica. Revered as an effective wide spectrum anti-viral combination, it’s commonly prescribed for fever, cold, cough, and sore throat, even upper respiratory tract infection, acute bronchitis, and pneumonia. So why has this well documented formula not been widely used in consumer products?

The primary reason is that stabilizing the active ingredients is very difficult, compromising quality and results. These challenges were overcome here in Canada utilizing proprietary expertise and Canadian manufacturing.  

“We know the formulation works as it has been extensively documented in hospital, laboratory and clinical settings. We spent years perfecting the science, concentration and shelf life by developing proprietary innovations that guarantee the bioactivity of the finished product. A world class standard of quality.”


- Dr. Jaclyn Thomson Ph.D.  Chemistry, University of British Columbia

Prevail is the only concentrated efficacious formulation of its kind that I know of in the world. Patient recovery time is exceptionally short regardless of the current seasonal strain of virus and is supported by clinical studies worldwide. This unique formula has additional anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and even anti-asthmatic properties.

  • Actively inhibits viral replication.
  • Clinically proven treatment for flu virus regardless of current strain.
  • 83% 3 day effectiveness rate for common cold.
  • Used in select hospitals since 1973.
  • 91-95% clinically proven effective for flu.
  • Over 2000 clinical trials worldwide.
  • World Health Organization (WHO) study concluded and confirmed as an effective remedy for flu.

Immunidiol, in Purica’s “Prevent” Daily Immune Optimizer is the combination of two herbal metabolites that in clinical trials have demonstrated superior strengthening of the immune system with immune modulating functions that improves one’s ability to adapt to stress. Modulating immune functions is a critical component to health, it’s the ability of your immune system to modify, adjust, or regulate your immune response to a desired level.

“Immunidiol is the result of extensive research. Our team took a novel, award winning approach to conventional herbal pharmacology with a patent protected innovation that improves adsorption”.


- Dr. Jaclyn Thomson Ph.D.  Chemistry, University of British Columbia

  • Improves cellular and hormonal immunity.
  • Increases activity of phagocytes (cells that protect the body).
  • Potent triggering agent of the immune defense system.
  • Increases the responsiveness of lymphocytes in the elderly.
  • Immunomodulatory activities.

As a medical doctor, my attention is drawn to immune building and protective remedies that support a healthy lifestyle.

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